PRISM Career Match

PRISM Career Match – is an exciting, online, career exploration facility for students.

PRISM Career Match – helps students identify the things they value in a job, working interests, skills, and aptitudes to a range of careers which reflects their preferences and capitalises on their natural strengths.

PRISM Career Match – it's important to find the right career. The right career enhances a person’s life. It is personally fulfilling because it nourishes the most important aspects of their personality. It suits the way they like to do things and reflects who they are. It lets them use their innate strengths in ways that come naturally to them.

PRISM Career Match – provides an analysis of each student’s preferred behaviours allowing them to capitalise on those they are most comfortable using.

PRISM Career Match – provides a list of careers from a database of over 1,000 – that match their expressed work preferences. The careers list includes details of education and training requirements for each career, together with details of what each job entails and the behaviours, abilities, values and needs that are important in that role.

PRISM Career Match – can be added directly into an existing website or learning environment instantly transforming and enhancing career choices.

PRISM Career Match – users range from young professionals starting out in their first job to senior managers making their final career move. Our clients include, leading training companies, outplacement / career transition firms, universities, business schools, colleges, professional membership institutions, recruiters and corporations, both in the UK and internationally.

PRISM Career Match – is available NOW. Contact us for more information.