PRISM Career Transition

PRISM Career Transition – Changing economic and business conditions are forcing companies throughout the country to make deep cuts in their workforce.

PRISM Career Transition – For the employer, careful planning and flawless implementation are required to prevent erosion of the business, as well as the organisation’s standing in the community.

PRISM Career Transition – For displaced employees, high levels of unemployment leave many feeling that they have few options for alternative employment or that their careers have been derailed.

PRISM Career Transition – Every individual at work today faces new and seemingly ever greater challenges. Developing the ability to adapt and cope with unrelenting change comes from knowing your strengths, your preferences, your drives and motives, where these qualities can best be applied, and what you want from your job and career.

PRISM Career Transition – Only you can manage your career. The process is about positive goal setting, and about changing the way you think about your experience, and your career as a whole. We can help you:

  • Assess your career assets and career potential
  • Clarify and target your priorities
  • Review your career options and generate ideas
  • Reality-test options to make sure the plans are robust
  • Make an informed decision
  • Devise a practical strategy to achieve the transition into your new role/or self-employment

PRISM Career Transition – An invaluable asset in the career change process. For those poised on the brink of a significant career change, but who are not sure how or where to get started, learning more about their behavioural preferences, their work aptitudes and how they match with specific work environments could help provide them with the knowledge and confidence they need to make the right decisions and begin to move forward. Career transitions should be handled with the same care and concern as the candidate selection and hiring process itself.

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