PRISM Neurocoaching

PRISM Neurocoaching – A highly effective way of coaching using neuroscience to provide insights into how people think, feel and do things.

PRISM Neurocoaching – Helps coaches understand what is happening inside a person’s mind, so that the coach can bring about the desired changes in the client’s behaviour.

PRISM Neurocoaching – Develops an understanding of neuroscience and its impact in the corporate environment.

PRISM Neurocoaching – Drive results by leveraging the power of your brain coaching others towards unprecedented behavior change.

PRISM Neurocoaching – Builds on the existing foundation of coaching by adding neuroscience as a scientific base for the profession. It is now widely accepted that a neuroscience approach to coaching may provide more legitimacy to the coaching profession.

PRISM NeurocoachingNeuroscience research in the past decade has significant implications for coaching practices:

  • Understand neuroscience and its application in coaching
  • Structure your communication to positively impact someone’s thinking
  • Create powerful strategies that transform your coaching
  • Use PRISM to maximise your impact as a coach
  • Use PRISM to play to your client’s strengths
  • Know how to use the language of different behavioural preferences
  • Understand the ways behavioural preference is often expressed at home and at work
  • Recognise the value of PRISM in coaching for both the coach and client

PRISM Neurocoaching – Coaching which concentrates on setting goals, making connections and seeking breakthroughs, perfectly parallels what neuroscience tells us about how the brain works. Coaching has evolved into a much more sophisticated profession based on knowledge from many other disciplines. Now, neuroscience has the potential to have an even greater impact on it.

Become a Certified PRISM Practitioner and use the language of neuroscience to build on your existing coaching skills.