PRISM Versions

PRISM Brain Mapping is supplied in multiple versions to cover the widest possible range of business applications and personal needs:

PRISM Versions comparison table:
  ‘Professional’ ‘Personal’ ‘Foundation’ ‘Talent
Introduction Pages Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick  
8-Dimensional Map – Underlying Tick Tick Tick   Tick  
8-Dimensional Map – Consistent Tick Tick        
8-Dimensional Map – Adapted Tick Tick        
Introversion / Extroversion Profile Tick Tick Tick   Tick  
Dimension Key Points   Tick Tick   Tick  
Personal Narrative – Summary optionTick optionTick Tick   Tick  
Personal Narrative – Full Tick Tick        
Job/Benchmark Comparison Map Tick Tick Tick Tick    
Work Preference Profile Tick Tick Tick      
Work Aptitude/Work Environment Report Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick  
Quadrant Colour Characteristics Tick Tick Tick      
Career Development Analysis Tick Tick   Tick Tick  
Emotional Intelligence Report Tick          
The Big Five Report Tick          
Mental Toughness Report Tick          
Interview Key Point Summary Chart       Tick    
Profile Comparison Chart       Tick    
Measurement Factors       Tick    
Critical Factors Analysis       Tick    
Interview Questions       Tick    
360 Degree Feedback Upgrade
360 Competency Report
360 Observers maps - 8D 360 Observers EQ & Big Five Report
Best Fit Analysis (Free) optionTick optionTick optionTick optionTick    
Team Maps (Free) optionTick optionTick        
Career Match Detail         Tick  
Match Profile with Careers Database         Tick  
Career Match Listing from Work Aptitude         Tick  
Career Match Listing from Behaviours         Tick  
4-Dimensional Map           Tick
4-D Workbook           Tick
Generic Report (2 page)           Tick
Can be Upgraded to ‘Professional’   Tick Tick Tick