PRISM Women In Leadership
A Workshop

PRISM Women In Leadership – Highlights the role that neuroscience can play in the wellbeing and development of women in leadership roles.

PRISM Women In Leadership – Helps organisations capitalise on gender-specific behavioural differences and achieve a better balance of genders in management and leadership positions.

PRISM Women In Leadership – Improve corporate performance. With women making up almost half of the workforce, it is clear that they can help impact their organisations’ performance. Whether men and women are equal is a political and moral question, but whether they are intellectually identical is a scientific one. Advances in neuroscience can help both sexes better to better understand and deal with these issues.

PRISM Women In Leadership – People have long been fascinated by differences between men and women. Not so many years ago, it would have been considered ‘obvious’ to most people that male brains were different – and superior – to those of females. Now, neuroscience is playing a significant role in laying to rest many of the myths that surround gender issues in the workplace.

PRISM Women In Leadership – The world of business will never achieve its full potential until it can genuinely value the contributions made by both sexes. We need to change attitudes. To achieve this end, it is essential that we use all the tools available to us in the 21st century. The workshops cover a wide range of neuroscience topics such as: understanding the links between brain, behaviour and work performance, as well as stress, decision-making and wellness issues.

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