PRISM High Performance Teams

PRISM High Performance Teams – utilises studies in neuroscience that will drive organisational performance through applying a brain based approach.

PRISM High Performance Teams – applies neuroscience to identify behaviours, skills and motivations that will help create a high performance culture

PRISM High Performance Teams – Encourages the unique insight and contribution from team members to achieve goals and dynamism.

PRISM High Performance Teams – achieves a cohesive, focused and highly productive team in a volatile and ever changing environment.

PRISM High Performance Teams – Using the power of neuroscience to help teams:

  • Create a shared winning vision with tangible outcomes
  • Maintain open communication and positive relationships with each other
  • Identify and solve problems using PRISM Cycle of Performance Excellence (COPE)
  • Successfully manage conflict
  • Have clearly defined roles and work procedures
  • Cooperate cross-functionally

PRISM High Performance Teams – have developed a shared, winning vision, one that brings real meaning to the work that is being performed and one that inspires team members to extraordinary efforts when such efforts are required.

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