PRISM Performance Management

PRISM Performance Management – Develops the capacity of your organisation and its members to perform effectively; to become a high performance organisation.

PRISM Performance Management – Provides a vehicle for creating a work environment in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.

PRISM Performance Management – Helps set employees up to succeed, so they can help the organization succeed. It provides guidance so that people understand what is expected of them. It provides enough flexibility to enable individual creativity and strengths are nurtured. It provides enough control so that people understand what the organization is trying to accomplish.

PRISM Performance Management – Sets measurable performance objectives based on prioritized goals that support the accomplishment of the goals of the organization. The energy and performance of the organization is ensured because the focus is on developmental plans and opportunities for each employee.

PRISM Performance Management – Provides a context for regular feedback discussions to enhance mutual understanding of an individual’s contribution and development needs.

PRISM Performance Management – Demonstrates the organization’s commitment to help each person continue to expand his knowledge and skills through a structured development plan. This is the foundation upon which a continuously improving organisation builds its success.

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