PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic


Are you interested in gaining a clear insight into how your team is performing?

Do you want to know on which key result areas you should concentrate your development efforts significantly to increase your team’s performance?

If so, the PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic is the solution

What is the PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic?

The PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic is an easy-to-use, online instrument that enables teams to assess their effectiveness in six key result areas that are common to high performing teams. The instrument allows every member of the team to provide input. The results initiate fruitful discussions and accelerate team developments.

What does it measure?

It measures the way in which team members feel the team responds to six key result areas. These relate to the achievement of the team’s goals, the team’s internal and external relationships, the team climate and the team’s approach to team working.

It also measures the Organisational Culture of the organisation in which the team operates. These cultural factors provide an indication of the likely impact of the organisation’s culture on their performance.

Finally, it measures Team Morale, a combination of the enthusiasm and persistence with which team members engage in the activities of the team. Measuring team morale is important because it focuses on the team’s abilities to complete tasks to a high standard.




Why use PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic?

Unlike most 360° or effectiveness surveys which are quite cumbersome and time-consuming, the PRISM instrument has been designed to be unobtrusive and to be completed in one easy-to-use online survey by each participant in less than 30 mins.

Written responses made by respondents are included in the report verbatim and unedited. These written responses add context and further insights to the numerical data included in the report. No written responses are attributed to any particular person.

The PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic requires no specialised training and a team leader, team member or HR representative can administer the instrument online. The results are instantly available as an easy-to-understand downloadable report. The instrument also serves as an ongoing diagnostic tool and can be administered at regular intervals to monitor team progress.

How do I get started?

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