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United Kingdom

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PRISM Brain Mapping

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UK Distributors

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Advance Change

Alastair Hill

Alastair@Brainfood Ltd

CJ WILLIAMS Contemporary Consultancy

Forefront Limited


Loveday Ltd

Mdina Partnership

Mentor Group Ltd


Neuropa Ltd

Philip Holder & Co

Phoenix Training & Development

Pipaltree Ltd

Platinum Training Solutions

Pro Assessments Limited

Professional & Organisational Development

Purely People (UK) Ltd

Quanta Consultancy Services Ltd

Rod Springett Training Associates Ltd

Sharon Holloway Leonardi - www.Turningpoint-coach.co.uk

Sparkling Performance

Stairway Consultancy

The Frontiers Group

The Training Pack

London & South East

Adsum Auxilium Limited

AMC Management UK Ltd

Casteye Consulting Ltd

CBS Learning - Ward Atkinson

David Mellor Mentoring

Enable Executive Coaching Ltd

Genius Learning

Geoff Rolls Development Consultancy

Judith Owen Associates

Karen Carter

Leadership, Learning and Coaching

Nikki Holley


NVW Solutions

P I H Consulting Ltd

Partners With You

Paula Kennedy

Perficio Potential

Phenomenal Training Ltd

Plane Training

Potential2Achieve Limited

Realife Consulting

RGT Consultants

Strategic Team Coach


Team Dynamics International Ltd

Team Thinking

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Focused Training Solutions Ltd


JamBerry Ltd

Knowle Grange Leisure


Mantus Learning

Moyra Cosgrove

Tanith Lee Fitness

North East

Ten Development


Blue Crystal Coaching


Martin Smith Learning & Development Consultant

Maureen Chiana – NeuroLeadership & Resilience Training

Michele Duke

Roger Lane Consulting Ltd



South West

Altrix Consultants

Cotswold Natural Mindfulness

DTC International

Effective Performance

MSR Management Development

Outhentics Consulting


Delta Point Training

Effectiv8 Ltd

Innovative Thinking

East Midlands

Adapt Training & Development Ltd

Casa Vostra Limited

CM2 Consulting UK Ltd

Metaphor Development

Qdos Consulting

The Learning Company International

West Midlands

Anita Brock

SMMT Industry Forum

North West

Castleview Training

Michaela Loughney


Positive HR Solutions

Tarnbeck Consulting Ltd


2020 Search

Connect to Your Potential


SG Development Solutions

Sort My Team

Channel Islands

Focus HR Solutions - Guernsey

Three Seas Philosophy


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PRISM Brain Mapping

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Afrocentricare Ltd

South Africa

PRISM Brain Mapping Africa

Asia (ex India)

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Zenlinx is the exclusive distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in Asia. We work closely with students, corporates and practitioners in Asia by distributing PRISM applications.

Our area of operation is divided into 3 pillars:

  • Universities and Student Organisations: we collaborate with them across the region to provide career development support.
  • Corporates: we support firms across all industries to use the PRISM Brain Mapping solutions in order to optimize their talent management process, from selection through to retention.
  • Certified Practitioners: We manage and grow the network of PRISM practitioners in Asia by delivering the PRISM Certification courses on a regular basis and we offer Asia-based practitioners an ongoing support to integrate the PRISM tool into their business.

PRISM allows us to use the latest research in cognitive neuroscience, to revolutionize how people and companies approach career & and talent development. Please contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration.

臻匯是PRISM Brain Mapping在亞洲的獨家分銷商,致力推廣和支持PRISM於不同領域上的應用,對象包括學生,企業和亞洲地區的PRISM培訓師。


  • 與大學和學生組織合作:透過臻匯的網上平台和PRISM工作坊,幫助他們發掘自我潛能和提供職業發展輔導。
  • 企業:我們支持不同行業的企業使用PRISM 作為優化整個人才管理的方案 - 從招聘人才,發展人才以至保留人才。
  • 亞洲地區的PRISM培訓師: 臻匯致力管理和擴展PRISM培訓師在亞洲的網絡。我們定期提供PRISM認證課程,為身處亞洲的PRISM培訓師提供持續的支持,協助他們把PRISM整合到他們的業務。


Independent Practitioners:

Hong Kong

Active Communication

CFT Asia

Growing Edge Limited

Helen Champion

Limbic Human Capital

Sponge Consultancy

Team Building Asia


Marcomways Pvt. Ltd.

ThriveAsia Networks


Digital Boomerang


Lamsquare Consultant


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Business Brain Mapping

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At PRISM Brain Mapping Australia are committed to accrediting knowledgeable, dedicated and capable PRISM Practitioners. We provide on-going support for all Accredited Practitioners ensuring they understand the latest PRISM insights and materials. We enjoy delivering our training in an environment that is engaging, interactive and rewarding.

Independent Practitioners:


Accelerated Excellence

Active Adrenalin

CAP Workplace

Gianna Di Bella

Grey Matta Solutions

Karen Brook Studios

Kicks Unlimited


Michella Francis


Q Energy



Australian Capital Territory

Business Wide

Ute Diversi

New South Wales

Baker Worthington Institute

Coach Achieve

EnHansen Performance

InSync Consulting


Sales Acumen


The Riches Group

Vannessa McCamley


Air Alliance

Ann Madigan

Anne Parkes

Bring Your Best

Caitlin Davies

Change Space

Craig James

David Essex

Deakin University

Declan Goodman

Diana Pettie


Jane Hudson

Kate Wallis

Kristen Kenwood

McIntosh Coaching

Michelle O'Sullivan

Momentis Group

O'Malley Consulting


Profile Plus

Scarlett Strategic Solutions



Tim Little

Transformational Leadership

Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine

Whetstone Coaching

Wired to be Inspired

Wu Consulting

Yarra Ranges Council

Western Australia

Brain Fit


Synergistics Global



Sharon O'Neill

Central America

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Gente de Talento

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Costa Rica Distributors

Independent Practitioners:

Costa Rica

Gente de Talento

Europe (Other)

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PRISM Brain Mapping

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UK Distributors

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Czech Republic


The Netherlands

Agata Wysocka

Pont Consult




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mdina INTERNATIONAL is the exclusive distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Mdina has three divisions in Germany:-

  1. PRISM distributorship to direct clients, third party consultants, coaches and trainers.
  2. People development in the areas of Leadership, Management, sales and customer service for a wide range of industries.
  3. Market research and Safety consultancy for the Process Control, Automation and Instrumentation industries.

Direct Clients

PRISM behaviour profiling brings the latest techniques in neuroscience to help you recruit and develop your people by exploring their natural behaviours and those that are avoided. PRISM helps to identify if people are a good fit for the role and look at areas of development to assist their effectiveness and career development.


PRISM is low cost tool that can dramatically help in selecting the most suitable candidates for your clients. PRISM can help to differentiate you from competitors by offering a level of science to the art of recruitment. PRISM Select Online also offers the ability to benchmark roles so that you can see the closest matches to that bench mark before you review candidate profiles. The best news is that you only pay for the profiles you wish to view regardless of the number of questionnaires that are completed by potential candidates.

The German PRISM questionnaire and subsequent reports makes this accessible from senior managers to operational staff.

Third party practitioners

If you would like to become a PRISM practitioner within the German speaking countries, then please contact us on the numbers below so we can discuss your requirements and the training schedule.

Mdina International,
Giselherstrasse 58,
44319 Dortmund,

Mobile: +49 (0) 176 7858 0477
Office: +49 231 5349 3330
Email: info@mdina-group.de
Website: www.mdina-group.de

mdina INTERNATIONAL ist der exklusive Vertriebskanal für PRISM Brain Mapping im deutschsprachigen Raum. Mdina bearbeitet die Geschäftsfelder:-

  1. PRISM Vermarktung an Endkunden, Personalberater oder Trainer.
  2. Training und Development für Mitarbeiter in den Bereichen Führung, Management, Vertrieb und Marketing für Investitionsgüter.
  3. Produkteinführungen sowie Beobachten von Technologietrends für die Prozessautomation und funktionale Sicherheit.


PRISM Brian Map unterstützt Personalverantwortliche bei der Auswahl und Förderung von Mitarbeitern mittels neuster neurologischer Forschung. Die Brain Map erklärt das natürliche Verhalten von Mitarbeitern im Arbeitsumfeld und zeigt ungenutzte Fähigkeiten. So hilft PRISM direkt bei der Teambildung und unterstützt objektiv bei der Förderung von Mitarbeitern im Arbeitsumfeld. Durch optimale Team-Zusammensetzung steigt die Arbeitsleistung, weil die benötigten Kompetenzen im Team vorhanden sind.


PRISM ist ein günstige und objektive Unterstützung für die Kandidatenauswahl und für die Förderung von Mitarbeitern. PRISM bietet Personalvermittlern das wichtige Alleinstellungsmerkmal im Wettbewerb. PRISM Select Online bietet die Möglichkeit einen Benchmark für eine offene Stelle zu definieren und dann die am besten geeigneten Kandidaten aus der Datenbank auszuwählen. Diese Möglichkeit beschleunigt die Kandidatenauswahl und ist kostengünstig, weil nur die Profile abgerechnet werden, die in die engere Auswahl kommen. Die deutschsprachige PRISM Software macht es für jeden einfach, die richtige Personalentscheidungen zu treffen.

PRISM Practioner

PRISM unterscheidet Anwender und sogenannte Practioner. Die Practioner-Ausbildung versetzt Sie in die Lage, ausgehend von der PRISM-Brain Map, die Verhaltensweisen des Kandidaten zu interpretieren.Wenn sie nicht nur ein PRISM-Anwender, sondern auch ein PRISM-Practioner sein möchten, dann sprechen Sie uns an:-

Mdina International,
Giselherstrasse 58,
44319 Dortmund,

Mobile: +49 (0) 176 7858 0477
Office: +49 231 5349 3330
Website: www.mdina-group.de

Independent Practitioners:


Näser Consulting


Regional Distributor(s):

Being Essential

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Being Essential works closely with market leading companies, to provide a solid framework for the development of human resources, the improvement of employee working performance and the increase of competitiveness, through a unique approach and exclusive partners. The main areas of Being Essential’s specialization are: Management/Leadership, Sales/Customer Service, Personal Development, Finance for non Financials.

Since 2011, Being Essential is being the exclusive distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in Greece, and in early 2012 it has developed and launched the Greek version of the questionnaire, to make the PRISM Brain Mapping experience even more efficient for the Greek market.

For more information about Being Essential please visit our website - www.essential.com.gr

Independent Practitioners:


Being Essential

Gulf Cooperation Council

Regional Distributor(s):


Distributor Logo

See below for the list of Practitioners within the GCC area

Independent Practitioners:


eeva training

Saudi Arabia

Gameplan KSA (Riyadh Office)

Hanan Timraz

UAE - Abu Dhabi

Ayesha Asad

Rasha A. B. Salman

UAE - Dubai

Assia Riccio





Nicola Ablett

Syed Hassan Gardezi



Jo Consulting


Darshan Singh

Golden Trust


Regional Distributor(s):

Sanda Excellence

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Sanda Excellence is the exclusive distributor for PRISM Brain Mapping in South Asia.

Sanda Excellence provides unique ‘Life Enhancing Experiential Development’ Programs that are based on proven neuroscience research using a vast library of instruments and ‘Real Life Simulations’ ensuring that your learning experiences are timely, relevant and have clear learning’s at the end.

Sanda Excellence delivers modules in India through PRISM Brain Map India. Our verticals include:

  • Academic Institutions across the country including schools, colleges, B-schools, Engineering, Medical colleges , Vocational training institutions and finishing schools
  • Small and Medium Businesses whom we work with providing PRISM in regional languages including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali to enhance business effectiveness
  • Corporates across different domains from Talent acquisition to Talent Retention, and unique PRISM applications like Organisation Culture Benchmarking
  • Certifying Practitioners – whether you are an individual or a learning service provider we work with you to integrate PRISM applications in your business to provide excellent customer service and revenue growth

Please contact us to know you can work with PRISM

To obtain contact details of the Practitioners please email hemang@prismbrainmap.com

Independent Practitioners:

India Country Distributor

Sanda Excellence - India

Andhra Pradesh



Beejal Parmar (True Aim)

Kevin Joshua


T N Vittal




Anish Baheti


Anshu Mukherjee

Blue Gene Research

Changing Paradigms

Deepti Jandial

Falguni Parekh

Kassh Consultancy

Mayuri Haldankar

Nitin Vazirani

Payal Ved

Ryan Barretto

Sanjay Agarwal

Sequel Consulting

Sudhir Shah

New Delhi

Kailash Joshi


Arvind Kulkarni

Endorphin - Exclusive Academic Partner

GAPP Consultancy

Mahesh Salunkhe

Naresh Chhetija

Ravindra Tagare

Wisdom Solutions


Regional Distributor(s):


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Mdina International specialises in highly needs-focused training, coaching and consultancy for businesses of all size. The company operates in three countries – Malta, United Kingdom and Germany – with a base in Malta. Mdina International consultants are experts in the fields of leadership and management, human resources, sales development and customer excellence. Their tried and tested approach to training is one that guarantees results. Mdina International consultants use a number of tools to support their training and coaching programmes, one of which is PRISM Brain Mapping. The company is the exclusive distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in Malta. PRISM specifically identifies characteristics and behaviours which enable Mdina International consultants to work on an individual’s challenges and personal development priorities, leading to an overall improvement in relationships and work performance.

Certified PRISM practitioners in Malta:

  • Alex Galea – Managing Director at Mdina International (Malta)
  • Myra Pearson - General Manager at Mdina International
  • Lenka Maruniaková - Business Trainer at Mdina International
  • Wendy Raywood – Associate, Executive Coach & Mentor at Mdina International
To find out how PRISM can help improve your company performance, visit our website or contact us on info@mdina.com.mt.

Independent Practitioners:



Middle East (Other)

Regional Distributor(s):

Middle East countries (ex GCC)

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See below the list of Practitioners within this region

Independent Practitioners:


Roland Blaney


Regional Distributor(s):

Sinzar Consulting Pte Ltd

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Sinzar Consulting Pte Ltd is the exclusive distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in Myanmar. We have been using PRISM for many years in the United Kingdom and are now actively promoting its applications within this South East Asian country.

We work with organisations, individuals and schools, helping increase performance and self-awareness through the use of this exciting neuroscience based tool. Please contact us to explore how we can help with your development requirements. We are looking to start growing a network of PRISM Certified Practitioners within Myanmar in the near future and will be offering Certification courses.

Please click to contact us.


Independent Practitioners:


Sinzar Consulting Pte Ltd

New Zealand

Regional Distributor(s):

Business Brain Mapping

Distributor Logo

At PRISM Brain Mapping Australia are committed to accrediting knowledgeable, dedicated and capable PRISM Practitioners. We provide on-going support for all Accredited Practitioners ensuring they understand the latest PRISM insights and materials. We enjoy delivering our training in an environment that is engaging, interactive and rewarding.

Independent Practitioners:


Regional Distributor(s):


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See below for the list of Practitioners within Pakistan

Independent Practitioners:


Ayesha Asad


Republic of Korea

Regional Distributor(s):

Dr. Jeon Je-Pil, InnoTraining

Distributor Logo

Email: j.p.jeon@prismbrainmapping.kr

Independent Practitioners:

South Korea

PRISM Brain Mapping Korea


Regional Distributor(s):


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DECAMERON este distribuitor exclusiv pentru PRISM Brain Mapping in tarile vorbitoare de limba romana (Romania si Republica Moldova).

Decameron are 6 divizii principale:

  1. Distributie PRISM catre clienti, consultanti, coaches si trainers.
  2. PRISM Brain Mapping si RESURSELE UMANE
    2.1.Servicii adresate companiilor: Recrutare si Selectie; Creare & dezvoltare echipe; Evaluare Personal; Planificarea evolutiei pe posturi; Corelare Indicatori – Obiective; Strategii Motivationale Particularizate; Managementul conflictului; Reorganizare / Restructurare.
    2.2.Servicii adresate persoanelor: Evaluare si Scriere CV-uri; Orientare in Cariera; Dezvoltare Personala & Coaching; Diagnoza comportamentala copii.
  3. TRAININGURI: Cursuri deschise; Traininguri in-house sau on-site; Licentiere PRISM Brain Mapping. (pentru mai multe detalii va rugam sa ne contactati)
  4. DEZVOLTARE ORGANIZATIONALA: Analiza Diagnostic Organizationala (Analiza Climat organizational; Diagnostic functiuni organizationale si interconexiuni); Oportunitati & Idei business & Solutii; Neuro Lean Six Sigma; Neuro-Management; Managementul schimbarii; Schimbarea culturii organizationale.
  5. SERVICII FINAINCIAR-CONTABILE: Servicii Contabilitate (inclusiv payroll); Evaluare Financiara a Firmei; Solutii de Finantare; Business Planuri Profesionale; Planuri de reorganizare in caz de lichidare.
  6. EXINDERE PIATA: National / International: Evaluarea Pietei Curente; Strategii de Dezvoltare; Cautare & Selectie DISTRIBUITORI; Cautare & Selectie FURNIZORI; Organizare calatorii de afaceri etc.

Clientii nostri sunt:

Companii romanesti care doresc sa se dezvolte intern; sa-si optimizeze activitatile, costurile si / sau sa-si creasca profiturile; sa-si extinda piata la nivel national si / sau sa penetreze diverse piete internationale etc.

Companii straine pe care le asistam in totalitate pentru deschiderea afacerii in Romania; care au nevoie de servicii specifice de cercetare de piata; recrutare si selectie pentru munca in strainatate etc.

Persoane care doresc sa se dezvolte profesional si personal.

Pentru mai multe detalii legate de PRSIM Brain Mapping si serviciile DECAMERON ne puteti contacta utilizand detaliile de mai jos:


Mobil: +40 724 203 803
Email: ecaterina.cocora@decameron-wap.com
Website: www.decameron-wap.com


Decameron is the exclusive distributor for PRISM Brain Mapping in Romanian-speaking countries (Romania & Republic of Moldova).

Decameron has 6 main divisions:

  1. PRISM distributorship to direct clients, consultants, coaches and trainers.
  2. PRISM Brain Mapping and HUMAN RESOURCES
    2.1.Services for companies: Recruiting and Selection; Creating and developing teams; Personnel evaluation; Career planning; KPIs & Goals Correlation; Tailored Motivational Strategies; Conflict Management; Reorganization / Restructuring.
    2.2.Services for people: PRISM Assessment & Career development, Writing Resumes; Personal development & Coaching; Behavioral diagnosis for children.
  3. TRAININGS: open trainings; in-house / on-site trainings; PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner training.
  4. ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Organizational Diagnostic Analisys (Organizational Climate Analisys; Organizational Functions and Interconnections’ Diagnostic); Opportunities, Business Ideas & Solutions; Neuro Lean Six Sigma; Neuro-Management; Management of change; Changing organizational culture.
  5. FINANCIAL and ACCOUNTING SERVICES: Accounting – outsourcing (Payroll & Statements); Financial Assessment of the Company; Funding solutions; Professional Business Plans; Reorganization & Restructuring plans in the event of insolvency.
  6. MARKET EXPANSION: Local / Foreign: Current Markets Analysis; Expansion Strategies; DISTRIBUITORS’ Searching & Selection; SUPPLIERS’ Searching & Selection; Business trips planning etc.

Our customers are:

Romanian companies that are looking to develop internally; to optimize their activities, costs and / or to increase profits; to expand their market at national level and / or penetrate different markets internationally etc.

Foreign companies that are looking to set-up their business in Romania (all inclusive: interim management, legal, HR, accounting etc.); market research; recruitment & selection – abroad.

People that are looking for personal development & growth.

For more details on PRISM Brain Mapping and Decameron’s services you are welcome to contact us using the details below:


Mobil: +40 724 203 803
Email: ecaterina.cocora@decameron-wap.com
Website: www.decameron-wap.com

Independent Practitioners:




Regional Distributor(s):


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Следуйте по ссылке ниже на почту Leading National Training.
Пожалуйста, оставьте данные с Вашим именем и контактными координатами.
Наш русскоговорящий специалист свяжется с Вами для обсуждения использования ПРИЗМы для решения Ваших задач.
Скачать ПРИЗМ брошюру на русском языке

Leading National Training

Distributor Logo

Please click on the Leading National Training link above and complete the Email with your name and contact details. Our Russian and English speaking Associate will get back to you to discuss your PRISM requirements within 24 hours.

Independent Practitioners:


PRISM Russia


Regional Distributor(s):

Sparkling Performance

Distributor Logo

Tibisay Vera

Email: tibisay@sparklingperformance.com

Independent Practitioners:


Fresh Learning


United States of America

Regional Distributor(s):


Distributor Logo

US Distributor

Independent Practitioners:

New Mexico

Bruncha M Milaszewski, MA CMF CGTP

USA - North Carolina


USA - Massachusetts

Laura Sergeant

USA - New York

Jacquelyn Poarch - USA

Leadership XChange - USA