PRISM in action


Jessica Riddell

Jessica Riddell

Business Development Manager, Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government
PRISM provided insight to each of us about how our brains work and this was powerful in understanding ourselves and others. The reports became a useful development tool for our leaders to work with to create more cohesive and effective teams. They were packed full of useful information from career development to mental toughness, emotional intelligence to strengths and areas to develop. We found them surprisingly accurate and gave us all a universal language for understanding each other. As a management team of predominately engineers it gave some scientific basis to the art of leadership and promoted emotional intelligence in a structured and logical way - playing to the strengths of engineers, whilst still engaging with staff overall.


Marta Czerwiec

Marta Czerwiec, PhD

Lecturer in MBA studies at the WSB University in Poland. A graduate of the London Coaching Academy, she works as a PRISM specialist and consultant across Europe.
PRISM is an essential tool for use at every stage in the coaching process. It really makes a significant difference to the final outcome by helping the coach correctly identify the coachee’s behavioural needs and to modify their communication style accordingly. Accurate self-awareness is crucial for anyone attempting to make major changes in their lives and is the first step to change and growth. By knowing where we are at any given moment, we are better able to decide in which direction we should go. PRISM does this more effectively than any other tool I know.

Team Development

Andreas Prodromidis

Andreas Prodromidis

CEO Programize Hellas LLC
Programize is a dynamic Software House that provides Product Development as a Service as well as R&D projects.

The image of a programmer as a person sitting alone in front of his computer and working alone is rather unrealistic. For us, teamwork is of paramount importance. Each product is developed by a well-orchestrated team that collaborates in a harmonic and efficient way. Our main emphasis besides the good technical knowledge is undoubtedly teamwork.

To begin with, we did the personal profiles for all our members. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with its accuracy. We incorporated it in our performance management, talent review and career planning processes.

In addition, we run the PRISM Team Diagnostic at regular intervals. It offers us a great insight as to how we operate, how much we focus on results and how much on maintaining good relationships. It presents in a very comprehensive way where we stand now and what direction we may want to go. PRISM allows us to:
  • continuously gauge the openness of our culture to new, innovative and diverse ideas
  • calibrate and align the company strategy across all of our people
  • receive early warnings if we stray from the company principles; and in general
  • stay focused on our values and our mission and at the same time adjust the requirements of a demanding and dynamic business environment


Brian Benneyworth

Brian Benneyworth FCIPD

Non Executive Director at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT)
Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
I have been working with PRISM for over 12 years in two totally different businesses, it is quite simply, the most effective and versatile profiling tool I have come across.

In recruitment, one of the most common failings is to mismatch a person to the behavioural requirements of the job. PRISM allows you to avoid that pitfall completely. It is also a powerful tool when coaching individuals, it provides insights for exploration which are not always obvious to the coachee, particularly in the area of un-tapped potential and this has proved really useful for developing talent.

Finally, the ease and speed of use is a major benefit, coupled with the quality of reports and value for money it provides.

I would certainly recommend the use of PRISM to any business or HR professional.

Performance Management

Roger Lane

Major General Roger Lane CBE FCMI

Senior EXON Adviser, NATO Joint Warfare Centre Stavanger
I have used PRISM for the past five years in a wide range of settings from Government agencies to company boardrooms, and no other tool matches it for the ease of use despite its sophistication. Providing a PRISM map is like holding up a mirror to a client's face and gazing deeply into their mind. The colour maps provide such a rich mine of information to support coaching individuals to look for new career opportunities: from recruiting individuals into project teams to optimise team performance, to exploring workplace conflict issues, and to exploring organisational culture. What I particularly like is that the maps provide a “language” for understanding human dynamics which is easy to grasp and I find it has a lasting impact on those who use it. I often find it has become part of the organisational lexicon and used widely. The customer service provided by PRISM is excellent too!

Career Explorer

Ellen Froustis

Ellen Froustis

Exec Director, EIMAI-Center for Emerging Young Leaders Athens, Greece
PRISM Career Explorer is an ideal career orientation tool. It differentiates from other career testing tools in our market in two primary ways:

PRISM helps students to identify more precisely their cognitive and behavioral strengths not only between fields, but within the same given field. An economics oriented student, for example, can now decide whether they are more suitable to pursue a general degree in Economics as opposed to actuarial science, finance, business or econometrics. The added feature, having access to the large database of career profiles, allows indecisive students to explore their diverse career interests and decide their career path based on their "best fit". The student who is contemplating either a career in medicine or engineering can make a more informed decision. This clarifying detail, makes all the difference!

Sales Training

David Mellor

David Mellor

Mellor Mentoring Ltd.
I have been a PRISM practitioner for over 10 years now, and have used it in all its forms to very good purpose during that time. One area where I believe I have created a distinctive offering is sales. With the help, encouragement and support of the PRISM team I have created and subsequently delivered for several years now an Adaptive Sales Workshop, which has proved to be very popular with my mentoring clients, many of whom find the prospect of sales daunting if not scary. It enables me to do some "myth-busting" around sales, and to help the delegates improve their self-awareness, and thereafter read behavioural signals in other people, leading to the creation of better relationships, which in turn allows them to convert more prospects into clients, and secure more business from existing clients.

360° Feedback

Kristen Hansen

Kristen Hansen

CEO, Enhansen Performance
I have utilised PRISM for over 500 senior executives from organisations such as Westpac, Transport and Main Roads, Melbourne Water and BP to develop their personal and professional leadership skills. The accuracy level has been described as “incredible and thorough”, the 360° report “enlightening” and it is an effective support for agility and change coaching towards high performance cultures. Leadership teams have also benefited from being able to capitalise on the strengths within the team and build areas needing attention. I would highly recommend PRISM to everyone!